Do You Stand Out?

Do you stand out 2

As an operator of a Direct Mail, door hanger or other delivery business, there may be one concern that sits above all:

Am I getting all the jobs I can? And if not, what are my competitors doing to win those jobs, clients, long term contracts? What are they doing to achieve business GROWTH?

The best way to compete in a crowded marketplace is to make your service offering better than the competition’s and to let your clients know about it. Clearly and explicitly.

That may mean :

  • Covering delivery areas that others don’t
  • Offering rapid response service
  • Offering route-calculators for improved efficiency


  • Providing actual PROOF that the Direct Mail has been delivered to every single letterbox or delivery target in a way that your clients can see very clearly

When it comes to Direct Mail Delivery, providing your client with absolute proof that your job is being done as specified is a differentiator that doesn’t get used very often in the industry.

And differentiation is what beating the competition is all about.

Ask yourself, what are my competitors doing to win more clients? How can I stand out from the crowd, deliver better value to my clients and win more work?