Passive GPS Tracking to Boost Your Mail Delivery Business

“Time” has become a unique scarce resource – It can neither be created nor bought.

When clients hire a delivery firm, they are not only allocating their financial resources to them, but also their time – and they know it. Hence:

  • They expect proper reporting on their deliverables and the use of their resources
  • This demands implementation of a cost-effective tracking solution

Direct mail forms an integral part of marketing strategy for firms and the single largest direct marketing expenditure that amounted to $44.8 billion in 2013 alone [TPG direct 2013]. This should come as no surprise since 65% of the millennial generation prefers reading on paper while 76% young people reported making a purchase based on something they received in the mail.

How Can You Know If the Package Has Been Delivered?

You can integrate and rely on a simple, cost effective tracking solution such as a passive GPS tracking system.

Normal active GPS systems allow firms to monitor deliveries in real time. Since most delivery firms and clients do not need such level of “constant” reporting, your firm can easily do away with the extra (and regular) costs incurred by active GPS systems – these include monthly service packages; development, installation, servers and other infrastructure, maintenance of online reporting systems and the use of GPS reporting systems.

Your firm can easily integrate passive GPS systems (such as ManageMy Post). The GPS devices can be attached with the deliverables where they continuously record data on built-in data loggers – and hence do not have to continuously upload it on a network.

This drastically reduces the initial financial investment and future costs of running and maintaining the tracking system.

The data can be transferred to a computer at regular intervals. This data can be used to generate specific reports for both the clients and the field managers.

  • The clients can be updated about the progress of the package, when the package has reached its final destination, and how many packages have been delivered so far.
  • The manager can keep track of field worker performance by collecting valuable KPIs such as completion rate and time per delivery. The data can be used to reschedule delivery timings as well as less congested routes.

On Time – Every Time – With ManageMy Post

ManageMy Post is a GPS tracking and management software solution that allows delivery firms to use GPS for tracking the distribution of their deliverables, maintaining records, one-click uploading of data from data-loggers, and generating  various reports.


ManageMy Post relies on cloud computing – hence it does not require installation and maintenance of new infrastructure. All your data is secured online through the cloud network from where you and your client can easily interact with it and keep track of your concerns such as deliverables, field workers, and business goals.