How Do You Know Your Mail Got Delivered?


Even with the rise of digital media marketing – topped with social media platforms – 90% of the people can’t imagine life without a letterbox. [DMA Research & Insights 2013]

Why is that?

Because even though access to digital content is easy and simple, the screen prevents true contact between the business and its customers.

Nobody can last long being in contact, or in a relation, with someone from behind a screen.

Yes, people will bookmark your pages, and share your content, and perhaps view it later too; but they can’t leave it on the table to glance at later while eating breakfast.

Does Your Client Know?

Do your clients know about the timely delivery of their mail? Have you incorporated quality assurance in your direct mail delivery? Can you guarantee delivery of direct mail? Do you rely on latest advancements in tracking technology (that has made it cost effective, and easy to install, and use) to update clients about the delivery of their direct marketing mail?

Yes: direct mail is old. The fact is that 90% people can’t let go of letterboxes, but that does not mean your delivery service providers can be lax about innovating– or forget to integrate necessary technological tracking systems into their customer service.

You Do Realize What Direct Mail Means to Your Client – Right?

Direct mail can be a costly affair given what I said about your client being unable to keep communicating with its customers from behind a screen. Direct mail is much more than this. Let me share some more facts.

Let me become your client for a few moments.

Well then, why is direct mail important to me?

Because 79% of consumers react to it immediately, and that’s because 56% of the people believe printed marketing is the most trustworthy of all communication channels whereas 33% take a negative image of a brand that does not offer printed communications.

Over 26% of the people keep the piece I have created for them, out of which 17% regularly keep an item of interest whereas 48% do so occasionally.

After receiving the mail,44% visit my website whereas 34% search about my business online. [“From Letterbox to Inbox” DMA Research & Insights 2013]

Why I’ve Let Go Of Some Delivery Services

‘Let go’… you know what it means for a business.

I’m using a delivery service BECAUSE I want my direct marketing campaign to succeed. I want my mail delivered in a timely manner – and I want to know that they were delivered.

Can You Track My Mail?

A passive GPS tracking system like ManageMy Post allows you to track your mail deliveries without complex training or expensive setup, so you can ensure that you jobs are delivered, and show your client exactly where your field workers were, when they delivered to each address. ManageMy Post matches GPS Data Logger technology with intuitive easy to use cloud based software to deliver certainty to your clients hat the job has been done.