GPS as A Quality Control Tool

GPS as A Quality Control Tool

Managers at any direct mail distribution service provider will agree that managing a mobile workforce is tough work. Given that you cannot constantly monitor them, it is hard to:

  • Update Clients with proof of delivery
  • Ascertain completion of jobs – Is mail being dumped? What routes were taken?
  • Measure proper KPI’s – Are there any instances of time-theft or wrong work-hour billing?
  • Map delivery routes – Can the financial cost per delivery be further reduced by using different routes or scheduling different timing?)

Unless managers are able to guarantee clients (with sufficient authority and proof) that the mail has been delivered, chances of their business growing are quite slim.

Unless they are able to map proper performance metrics, managers will remain incapable of devoting sufficient time to strategic business decisions. Hence, it is essential that managers at direct mail distribution companies understand how passive GPS tracking reduces different managerial tasks and allows them to focus more on business strategic efforts.

How GPS Lets You Guarantee the Delivery of Direct Mail to Clients

A client whose marketing campaign relies on direct mail will want to measure metrics for the campaign so that they can improve upon it in the future. Hence, it is essential that your organization be able to update them on completion of their requested mail deliveries on a reasonably regular basis. This is only possible if you are able to track the deliveries yourself.

Passive GPS tracking lets you collect and log data at regular intervals. Through the use of software relying on cloud networking, the data can easily be made accessible to the client via dedicated company websites. ManageMy Post offers a comprehensive, inexpensive and easy to use GPS tracking service that allows managers to prepare different maps and reports for clients as a key part of their service (and a point of difference) as well for record keeping.

How GPS lets you Map Workforce KPIs?

Passive GPS tracking devices can be used to keep track of your workforce in the field. Once the workforce has been educated about implementation of GPS as a quality control tool, its implications, and the policy that has been implemented, managers can officially map the data from GPS trackers. The data retrieved from data loggers of different workers can easily be used to compute key performance metrics. These include timely completion of job, completion rates, time-usage, etc.

Managers can easily use workforce data and generate maps using the ManageMy Post trackshare software. You can easily view patterns, manage consistently underperforming staff, and take action on company policy violations.

How GPS lets you Prevent Time-Theft?

By regularly mapping data from passive trackers, managers can easily keep track of any consistent misuse of company resources or logging of time that was not used in delivering mail. Tracking time usage is essential if your organization is charging clients for services per hour. Using a passive GPS tracking system like ManageMy Post will improve the efficiency of your field delivery operation.