Is the Direct Mail Business Model Broken?

Is Direct Mail Broken-

Direct mail marketing is thriving, despite the rise of digital marketing. The distribution of printed marketing content demands a lot of resources. Often it gets outsourced to delivery service providers.

But here’s the catch – A mismatch between creators and deliverers. The creator wants to know whether their mail was delivered and therefore having the desired result, and a lot of flyer distribution firms are not able to let them know because they cannot track deliveries over the vast landscape their business has expanded to and also because they haven’t integrated the latest tracking technologies. They offer a delivery ‘guarantee’ but when pressed, many only present evidence of some supervision of field workers.

REAL and Tangible

The thing with the Direct Mail Model is that it has its roots in a feeling that is essentially natural, timeless, and real – the sentimental value of being a recipient of something tangible.

Like mail – addressed to you, and delivered to your letterbox.

You can tear it open, feverishly and carefully, knowing that if it’s not worth the time you can destroy it with a fervor. You just can’t do that to digital mail.

People love the mail and hence (indirectly) the business model. Their brand following is greatly affected if the brand is not sending out hardcopies of their content (33% score brands negatively whereas 56% of people believe printed marketing is the most trustworthy of all communication channels*).

The businesses can’t let it go because of the statistically staggering response from direct mail marketing. Because 79% of consumers react to it immediately 44% visit brand site immediately and 34% search about it online [“From Letterbox to Inbox” DMA Research & Insights 2013]

Back to the Broken Parts

The Direct Mail Business Model is safe in the hands of content marketers (the creators) but some distributors are inadvertently creating a mess. They are not reporting the whereabouts of the delivered mail – because they can’t track it.

Some espouse the benefits of real-time GPS tracking…

But a delivery firm requires a large number of GPS devices. The monthly cost of real-time GPS tracking service for each device, server infrastructure, SIM cards, data plans, and the additional workforce to manage the software is too much for most mail distribution firms.

Mending the Broken Parts

There is an innovative and cost effective way to get the benefits of a GPS tracking system without the complexity, setup and maintenance costs of real time tracking. ManageMy Post is an affordable, easy to use passive tracking system, requiring a one-time investment in a GPS device for each field worker that comes equipped with user friendly software for both uploading and managing your tracks in the cloud via the ManageMy Post website.