The Advantages of Passive GPS Tracking

Passive GPS Tracking

Running a direct mail, post or door-hanger delivery service? Looking for ways to improve service to your customers? Prove how much better your delivery service is?  Demonstrate excellent delivery rates? Build worker accountability? Impress your clients? Charge more?

It is easy enough to find a range of options out there for using real-time tracking of your delivery workers – but it has always been easy to spend loads of money! The real trick is finding a solution that minimises cost and time, while maximising the benefits to your business.

Enter: Passive GPS Tracking.

Passive GPS tracking gives you the best of both worlds – cheap, easy setup with maximum advantage to impressing your clients and BEATING THE COMPETITION.

Passive GPS tracking, like ManageMy Post, uses data loggers to record the movements of your delivery workers. Make sure they go to every single street, every single door. And more importantly: make sure your clients can see WITH THEIR OWN EYES that their direct mail has been delivered to every door.

Wondering how data loggers can be so cheap? They essentially take a GPS reading from connecting to satellites and record that information at regular intervals. It is cheap vecause there are no mobile data costs, they don’t use much battery power, and are relatively simple devices. The simpler your hardware is, they cheaper it is to buy and the less can go wrong.

You can upload the GPS tracks via the one-click TrackShare software to your ManageMy Post account online. It is extremely easy to share the uploaded tracking data with your clients (Ask yourself: How many of my competitors can do that? If I was a client, would I want to see the real delivery data myself? ).

Think about how much more you can charge and how much more work you can get if you can prove to your clients how well their direct mail was delivered at the end of each job.

ManageMy Post – delivering certainty to the Direct Mail Industry through affordable, easy, shareable passive GPS tracking.