Administration Systems and Business Efficiency

Administration Systems and Business

Your direct mail delivery business might be dependent on a few key clients, but may have a large number of other clients at any one time. How do YOU keep track of the time spent by your distribution team on each client’s job?


Manual administration of mail delivery jobs can be time consuming, tedious, confusing and sometimes full of potential for error and miscalculation. ManageMy Post provides you with a complete solution for end-to-end job management, tracking and billing.


In the ManageMy GPS administration dashboard you can set up ‘clients’, and within each client you can create multiple ’jobs’. You can set up teams for your delivery staff, and easily allocate the GPS tracking data from each team member’s work to a job under a specific client. It makes tracking your team’s work and billing your clients much easier and less time consuming.


You can set work boundaries, create custom maps and even set up regular jobs as templates so you can re-create them in an instant, saving even more time. The reporting module allows you to easily generate customized job, time sheet and hardware audit reports, to view or print yourself, or even share with your clients. You can also view historical data on the performance of jobs, or track the individual distribution efficiency of team members, and thus track their individual work performance.


To see how ManageMy GPS can streamline your administration systems and business efficiency, check out our features page and help page.