Using TrackShare

TrackShare software makes uploading GPS tracks and sharing them with clients quick and easy! Some of the features of TrackShare include:

  • One click upload from the GPS unit to ManageMy GPS/Post/Tracks
    See Uploading Tracks
  • Supports most common GPS loggers
    See Supported-gps-devices
  • Staff can view and share tracks from any location.
  • Users can share multiple tracks from multiple units simultaneously.
  • TrackShare can be installed right off the Dash.
  • TrackShare gives each GPS unit a unique identifying number that can be used to track and audit hardware use.
  • Flexible configuration options.
    See trackshare-options
  • Manage hardware device settings.
    See trackshare-device-settings

Tracks uploaded with TrackShare will be visible on the Track Uploads page

For an overview of the TrackShare user interface, check out the Trackshare UI page.

For advanced information and FAQs on TrackShare, see advanced-trackshare-info