User Types


Administrators can access and manage all areas of the website.
This means being able to:

  • Add and manage groups, users and clients
  • View and manage all jobs and track information
  • Create jobs and manage client booking requests
  • Create and edit job maps
  • View KPI’s for all jobs and staff
  • Create reports
  • Download the MMP track utility software
  • Load tracks to all jobs and assign them to any user
Admin Dashboard


Supervisors have similar access rights as Administrators but cannot:

  • Supervisors have the same access rights as Administrators accept they can’t:
  • Edit company profile create and edit job maps
  • Add or manage groups
  • Review or Accept job bookings
Supervisor Dashboard


Distributors have limited access to the website.
Distributors can:

  • View jobs allocated to them
  • Load tracks to jobs assigned to them
  • View their track information
  • View their own KPI information on their dash
  • Download the MMG track utility software
  • View news and advertising

Distributors cannot:

  • Edit company profile details
  • Create jobs or manage booking requests
  • Edit job details
  • Add or Manage groups, users or clients
  • View company jobs or KPI information other than their own
  • View other user track information
Distribution Dashboard


You can create a login for your clients to allow them to:

  • Send and Monitor booking requests
  • Create their own Job Maps
  • View the details of scheduled and completed jobs
  • View job maps with tracks overlaid
  • Check archived job (saving you customer service time)
  • View news and advertising
Client Dashboard