Track Uploads Page

The Track Upload page allows you to load tracks to jobs and link them to clients, delivery areas, distributors and stock.

Loading tracks to Jobs 

Select Track Uploads from the navigation bar.


Each track in the Track List is uniquely identified by the GPS unit ID they came from, the track start date and time and the User who loaded the track


Select the job you want to load the track from the drop down list


Select a distributor


Click the relevant tick boxes for client and stock and delivery areas


When finished click Save and the tracks will be uploaded to the Job

*Administrators and supervisors can select any distributor. If a distributor is loading a track only they will appear in the list as they can only upload tracks to their jobs.

Managing duplicate tracks

Sometime tracks can be uploaded to ManageMy Post more than once. This usually occurs when a user forgets to delete tracks from a GPS unit after upload to the website.

This can result in:

  • Upload of tracks already allocated to a Job in the database
  • Upload of tracks already in the Track Upload List

Duplicate tracks tracks are automatically detected on upload and marked with an icon They can be deleted using the delete button on the track information display.