About Groups

Groups allow you to create and manage sub groups of your distribution operation.

Groups may be based on geographic location, work type or any other grouping you like.

Group Users are unable to:

  • Edit Company Profile details
  • Add Groups
  • Add Users or Clients to other Groups
  • View bookings, Jobs or tracks from other Groups

While Groups are limited to their own information Company Administrators are able to view the Jobs, Track and User information of all Groups.

Adding Groups

To set up a Group:

Click on Groups in the navigation menu on the left of the dash

geeting started = groups

Click Add New

add new = groups

Add the Group Name


If different to the company settings, adjust the default Country, Region, Location Set, Map Boundaries, Time Zone and Locale


Click Save Group or Cancel


Group Jobs

While viewing and creating Jobs is the same for Groups there are a couple of things to remember:

  • Only Jobs created by the Group can be viewed by the Group
  • Company Administrators can view and edit Jobs created by Groups
  • Only Distributors and Clients added to that Group will appear in the Job Wizard
  • Booking Requests must be made by a clients linked to a Group