Getting Started

Welcome to the Dashboard

Note: this page is intended as a getting started guide for administrators. If you’re not an administrator, you will want to start with this page. After creating an account and logging in, first time Users will arrive at the Admin Dashboard. From the Dashboard Admin Users can: Navigate the site Create jobs View Jobs created by you and others… Read more »

Step 1 – Check Company Profile

Go to the navigation menu on the left of your dash and click on Manage Account Check your company name and contact details. The country and region in which you are located. (Regions will be automatically appear in the drop down list when a country is selected) Choose your preferred Location and Map Boundary setting. Postcode… Read more »

Step 2 – Set up Groups

Groups provide an easy way for larger businesses to organize their data so that it Groups provide an easy way for larger businesses to organize their data so that it matches their business or work structure (eg: by location, department, or division). (Tell me more about Work Groups) It is not necessary to set up Groups… Read more »

Step 3 – Set up Users

You need to add Users before you can create a Job or upload GPS tracks to a Job for viewing (What types of Users are there?) To Add a User: Click on the Users icon on the right hand side of the Dashboard Click Add New Add a User name and the first and last name of… Read more »

Step 4 – Set up Clients

Clients are the businesses and individuals you do business with. For internal use, these may be the departments within your organization. You need to create at least 1 client before you can Create Jobs. To Add a Client: Click Clients in the navigation menu of the left of the dash. Click Add New Add the Client company… Read more »

Step 5 – Install TrackShare

TrackShare software allows Users to upload GPS tracks for viewing and sharing in one easy click. Check out the TrackShare website for more help on using and installing TrackShare. Note: TrackShare is currently only available for Windows operating systems. Mac users will need to first save their GPS tracks to their computer, then upload do a Manual Upload…. Read more »