How It Started

Developed by the post industry for the post industry.

ManageMy Post was created by a company that needed to know how effectively its distribution jobs were being delivered.

We knew we did a great job, but we relied on spot checks to make sure. When customers had a problem all we could do was provide the checked addresses… We saw other businesses using GPS tracking so we investigated. Real time GPS tracking seemed complicated, very expensive and our staff had privacy concerns. GPS Data Loggers which aren’t real time and don’t need telecommunications networks seemed the best option as they were comparatively inexpensive. However, after a while we found a few challenges.

The loggers came with a desktop PC utility that wasn’t easy to use and wouldn’t allow us to share map links with customers. With over 60 distributors we needed to find a way to manage multiple Data Loggers, lots of GPS track data and provide a platform to show clients maps. That’s why we developed ManageMy Post….

We developed, tested and refined the system for two years before release, working with some of the largest Data Logger manufacturers in the world. In that time our annual turnover doubled and our customer base increased by 40%. We made significant time savings all the way through the job lifecycle…

At the front end with customers booking their own jobs and creating their own custom delivery maps. TrackShare software let our distributors upload tracks remotely, meaning they no longer had to travel to and from the base. Providing customers with a login to check their delivery maps reduced customer service inquiries by 60%.