Your secret weapon for boosting sales

Ralph Withers of Leaflet Poster in in South West England started using ManageMy GPS and realised its potential as a way to differentiate his business from the competition – he can guarantee delivery to every address in the target area because he can SHOW the client the GPS tracks of his delivery staff. Click here… Read more »

The Advantages of Passive GPS Tracking

Running a direct mail, post or door-hanger delivery service? Looking for ways to improve service to your customers? Prove how much better your delivery service is?  Demonstrate excellent delivery rates? Build worker accountability? Impress your clients? Charge more? It is easy enough to find a range of options out there for using real-time tracking of… Read more »

Do You Stand Out?

As an operator of a Direct Mail, door hanger or other delivery business, there may be one concern that sits above all: Am I getting all the jobs I can? And if not, what are my competitors doing to win those jobs, clients, long term contracts? What are they doing to achieve business GROWTH? The… Read more »

Administration Systems and Business Efficiency

Your direct mail delivery business might be dependent on a few key clients, but may have a large number of other clients at any one time. How do YOU keep track of the time spent by your distribution team on each client’s job?   Manual administration of mail delivery jobs can be time consuming, tedious,… Read more »

Is the Direct Mail Business Model Broken?

Direct mail marketing is thriving, despite the rise of digital marketing. The distribution of printed marketing content demands a lot of resources. Often it gets outsourced to delivery service providers. But here’s the catch – A mismatch between creators and deliverers. The creator wants to know whether their mail was delivered and therefore having the desired… Read more »

Passive GPS Tracking to Boost Your Mail Delivery Business

“Time” has become a unique scarce resource – It can neither be created nor bought. When clients hire a delivery firm, they are not only allocating their financial resources to them, but also their time – and they know it. Hence: They expect proper reporting on their deliverables and the use of their resources This… Read more »

How to Build Certainty in Direct Mail Delivery

By tailing it –with an army of secret agents OR with a passive GPS tracking system But it will be better if we start by answering “Why mail distribution firms need to know if their mail, flyers and door hangers are getting delivered or not”. Tracking Deliveries has Become an Industrial Need “Time” has become… Read more »

GPS as A Quality Control Tool

Managers at any direct mail distribution service provider will agree that managing a mobile workforce is tough work. Given that you cannot constantly monitor them, it is hard to: Update Clients with proof of delivery Ascertain completion of jobs – Is mail being dumped? What routes were taken? Measure proper KPI’s – Are there any… Read more »

How Do You Know Your Mail Got Delivered?

Even with the rise of digital media marketing – topped with social media platforms – 90% of the people can’t imagine life without a letterbox. [DMA Research & Insights 2013] Why is that? Because even though access to digital content is easy and simple, the screen prevents true contact between the business and its customers…. Read more »